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Katinka's Wine and Food Pairing

Wine and food were made for each other, right? Well yes, but finding the perfect wine to complement a carefully prepared dish can often be a hit and miss affair. Now that’s about to change.

With the Food & Wine Pairing Guide as your companion, you’ll never again have to ask the question: ‘What wine should I drink with this dish?’

Katinka van Niekerk and Brian Burke have drawn on their extensive experience to provide a full ‘course between two covers’, outlining all the principles involved in finding the perfect food and wine match. Almost every dish eaten at home or in a restaurant is covered, along with wine recommendations to suit all tastes and budgets. So, all you have to do is decide what you want to eat, then pour yourself an appropriately matched glass of wine, and enjoy!

Cape Chatter

Cape Chatter is our wine industry blog, written by four regular freelance contributors, Christian Eedes, Angela Lloyd, Fiona McDonald and Jonathan Snashall (click here for their brief author biographies), as well as the occasional guest writer. Your views are very welcome.

Wine on the Blog

Wine has the ability to build friendships, compliment food, make a day or evening memorable. It is life in a glass.  It is the climate the soils and hard work that makes this wonderful liquid evolve, keeping it a mystery that urges me to explore it more and more.

So many times it is the minority that tells the normal (you-and-me) wine drinkers what is good and what should or should not be drunk. I want to debunk that and tell you that you should dictate which wines you enjoy, regardless of the price or how high or low a score the wine was been awarded. I want to explore wine in its most magnificent and its terrible state and from that conduct my own opinion.

I also enjoy making for food. Not being a chef myself, I like to play around with ideas and having avid food lovers and chefs as friends does wonders for my inspiration!

I want Wine on the Blog to become a platform for wine drinkers and food lovers from all levels to ask questions, to be part and share your experiences. So join me on my adventure into the wonderful world of wine and food.

Werner Els

Cape Town Wine Blog

Originally from Natal, and having travelled extensively, there truly is no other place that I would live in other than Cape Town, South Africa.

After some years in the book trade, I studied at the Cape Wine Academy and also completed the University of Stellenbosch Wine Evaluation course which all served to show me how little I really know and what a great universe of wine discovery there is out there.

Loving the Cape Winelands and all that they have to offer, I aim on Cape Town Wine, to share experiences of my favourite wineries and blend in comments about the wines that I enjoy.

Where I have commented on a restaurant experience or reviewed a wine it is because I have paid the food bill or gone into a wine shop and bought the vino myself. Solicitation of “gifts” is not something that I subscribe to.


Wine Whiskers

This is a consortium of funky, sassy and innovative wine enthusiasts, pooling their collective passion and love for wine and food, so that you, the fellow wine drinker, can join our team of writers in learning, laughing and expanding your knowledge of the industry and of the beverages we adore.



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